The history of Medical Exercise Therapy(MET) and how we got our brand "Steens Physical"  

In 1968, the well known physiotherapist and founder of Medical Exercise Therapy or MET, Oddvar Holten, contacted Steens Industrier as, because he was in the need of equipment suitable for MET, and consequently, Steens Industrier was directly involved in product development as well as production. During the early years, the equipment was frequently changed and improved according to Holten's wishes and the needs with respect to MET. When Oddvar Holten went into retirement, physiotherapist and manual therapist Tom Arild Torstensen took over Holten Institute in Oslo and has since 1989 further developed MET both theoretically and practically. He is involved in research and is teaching MET in several European countries and North America. Here is their link: www.holteninstitute.com.

Medi-Nor AS started as the company responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of the equipment in close cooperation with Holten, until 1977. Saba Rehab, a division of Mølnlycke-Sweden, then took over marketing the line and in addition to local distribution in Norway, began export to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, canada and the USA. SABA then sold the rights to Scandinavian Mobility in 1990, who then maintained activity until 1997. In 1997, Steens Industrier AS made a major descision, we bought all marketing rights for all markets. This to consolidate a trend in the market, and to secure our own brand. The same year we invented the brand "Steens Physical". 

Over the years, several companies have attempted to copy both our products and our name so we felt that it was important to take control over our product and establish "Steens Physical". The brand is well known in many parts of the world, and we are proud to be the owner and producer of apparatus under this name. 

The history of MET tells us that only Steens Industrier has developed and produced the original MET equipment. To maintain the quality of our products is still our main goal, whether it is changes on original equipment or making of new products. 

Medical Exercise Therapy (MET) is an active rehabilitation system based on more than 30 years of clinical experience and research. The MET approach offers the latest in active rehabilitation were you will learn how to apply local and global exercises. Through active graded exercises patients can be put straight into an exercise program treating pain, decreased motion, increase endurance and strength as well as improving activities of daily living. 

The system accomodates for treating athletes and ordinary patients with acute or chronic pain. Emphasis is put on optimal grading to increase the tolerance for loading and to normalize muscle imbalance and coordination. Medical exercise therapy will give you guidelines for how to use active exercises as a cognitive behavioural approach to change patients pain behaviour. MET will also give you a better understanding of how to use graded exercises to treat straight forward organic dysfunctions such as a supraspinatus tendinitis, sciatica, hip arthrosis, and patello femoral pain for example. The medical exercise therapy approach has its own defined criteria.

Included in the criteria is the time that the patient exercises set to one hour. During this hour most patients who are in an early phase of the treatment, are able to do seven to nine different graded exercises doing three sets of thirty repetitions, up to one thousand repetitions during one treatment session.

The high number of repetitions are aimed at treating the pain experience and to increase range of motion.The MET criteria also states that the physiotherapist/therapist must be present in the exercise room to supervise, support and motivate the patient, and to regrade the exercises according to the patient's symptoms, needs and expectations.

MET is also group therapy were up to five patients are exercising together in a group setting. However, each patient may have different diagnosis, and has therefore an individually designed exercise program for his/her movement dysfunction. The assessment of the patient is the basis for choosing and grading relevant exercises. Oddvar Holten, a Norwegian physiotherapist and manipulative therapist, developed MET during the early 1960s.

Tom Arild Torstensen, who is also a physiotherapist and manipulative therapist, took over the Holten Institute in Oslo in the early 1990s and has further developed the MET concept. Medical Exercise Therapy is today a household name in all Scandinavian countries, most European countries and North America.