Medical Exercise Therapy (MET)

Teach your patients how to efficiently regain function - learn the principles of Medical Exercise Therapy (MET) was officially recognised as a treatment method by the Norwegian health authorities in 1967. The founder of the method Oddvar Holten, started developing the treatment philosophy, the exercise programmes, and the flexible range of apparatus during the early 1960's.The Holten Institute for MET was rapidly taken into use by both ordinary patients and top trained Scandinavian athletes with injuries and pain from the musculo skeleton system resulting in decreased function.

Tom Arild Torstensen 
B. Sc (HONS) P.T., took over Holten Institute in 1988 and has developed 5 specific MET-courses based on sound clinical practise combined with research. 

Each course has it's own dedicated course manual, highly illustrated with photos of exercises and their progressions. The basic principle of MET is that patients perform exercises under continuous supervision by a trained physiotherapist. 

Using a range of specially designed apparatus combined with individually graded exercises meeting the needs of the patient. MET can be used to treat both ordinary people and top athletes. The only difference is the grading and intensity of the exercise programme. 

Each course is of 2 days duration (19 hours) for a maximum of participants. The course manuals are available in English and will later be issued in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. 

Each participant will receive a diploma as a documentation of his or hers educational progression. Please contact Tom Arild TorstensenHolten Institute for MET, for further information or planning/booking of local course arrangements.

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